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Can You Sue If a Family Member Died From Medical Malpractice?


If a family member recently died and you believe that the care or lack of care they received led to their death, then it's worth meeting with a lawyer. When medical malpractice leads to death, the immediate victim is obviously not able to file a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital. However, you, as a family member of the deceased, can file a type of personal injury lawsuit known as a wrongful death case.

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Steps to Take If You Believe You Have a Medical Malpractice Case


A medical malpractice case occurs when a patient feels as though he or she has been injured due to negligence by a medical provider. If you feel like you’ve been harmed by your doctor, what do you do? Medical malpractice cases can be complex and difficult to understand. There are a few steps to follow, though, if you think that you have a case.

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