Expert Attorney for Premises Liability Cases in South Florida

Many people become injured on an individual's property or business' premises because of negligence. Whether you slip and fall, trip and fall or twist an ankle, when the cause is negligence, you are entitled to seek recourse. You can do so by hiring a premises liability lawyer in South Florida to represent you and advocate for your rights. If you are looking for such an attorney, the Law Offices of Scott M. Sandler, P.A. may be able to provide legal assistance. We represent clients who have suffered an injury in many types of places, including but not limited to the following:
  • Home
  • Deck
  • Sidewalk
  • Restaurant
  • Grocery
  • Department Store
  • Construction Sites
  • And Many Other Locations
Slip And Falls — Slippery Floor Warning in Coral Gables, FL
Hiring a lawyer may help you mitigate some of the expenses associated with an accident. When you hurt yourself because of a risk present on a private or commercial property, you will likely be faced with pain, lost work, limited ability, stress and medical bills. All of these items are the potential liability of the party responsible for maintaining the property. We are committed to helping our clients recover from the accident and achieve justice in their cases.
Department Store Accident — Slip And Fall Incident Report With Judge Gavel in Coral Gables, FL

Legal Representation For Victims of Negligence in Miami-Dade County and Florida

Commercial property managers have a responsibility to maintain an environment that is safe for all customers who visit it. When risks take place due to negligence, oversight or intentional harm, they are likely liable for the injuries and damages that occur. Perhaps you have fallen victim to a situation like this. If so, a premises liability attorney may be able to help you seek legal recourse. The Law Offices of Scott M. Sandler, P.A. offers these and class-action lawsuit, medical malpractice, product liability, transportation accidents, maritime claims, or premises liability representation services to clients in regions throughout South Florida, including Miami-Dade County. Call us at (305) 858-1622 for a free initial consultation.